Seven Questions with Vivek Garipalli

Vivek Garipalli is co-founder and CEO of Clover Health, which uses data analysis and preventive care to provide better insurance at better prices for Medicare patients. He began his career in finance, and founded Ensemble Health Partners and CarePoint Health, as well as serving as Board Member and Advisor to Flatiron Health since inception, before launching Clover Health in 2014.

What is something you’ve learned that you lean on daily?

I’ve learned to take the long view. Building a business takes a lot of time, and things will go wrong. That’s just the way it is. You have to get used to those undulations and realize you can work through them if you stay focused on what you want to achieve.

Part of that is choosing a business model closely tied to your mission. It’s not just about doing good while making money; it’s about making money by doing good. When I started out as an entrepreneur, I was very focused on economics. Healthcare was a means to an end. But now I can’t imagine being the CEO of a business that doesn’t directly help people. Adding value to the world—that’s the most satisfying thing. It’s what allows you and your team to push through all those short-term challenges.

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