Vivek Garipalli

Over the past 15 years, Vivek Garipalli has been one of our country’s most impactful (though largely quiet) supporters of health tech innovation. His ventures have bettered countless lives across a myriad of circumstances, such as improved cancer treatment and accelerated oncology research, improved early detection of chronic kidney disease, primary care clinics across the neediest communities with complex needs, and access to health insurance coverage across the African continent.

Vivek Garipalli: a passionate business leader in healthcare

Vivek Garipalli is dedicated to improving healthcare for all and is recognised as a leading entrepreneur and business expert in the field. He has spent most of his career building innovative healthcare businesses that have improved the service patients receive in the US. He has used this wealth of experience in the industry to found Clover Health, a healthcare technology company with the stated mission to improve every life. 

Clover Health

Vivek Garipalli founded Clover Health in 2014, serving as CEO until December 2022, and in 2023 now continues as Executive Chair of the Board and largest shareholder. Vivek Garipalli had previously identified significant misalignment within the healthcare industry between providers and insurance companies. Vivek wanted to reduce this doctor-insurer-consumer friction whilst increasing the visibility into the health of each patient. He saw that this would improve the service patients receive whilst making it more accessible. Little had been done for the uninsured and underinsured patient groups, and Vivek has set about changing the system. 

Before Clover Health

Prior to Clover, Vivek co-founded both CarePoint Health and Ensemble Health. CarePoint is a healthcare system that offers acute care and emergency services to a large, historically underserved population in Hudson County, New Jersey. In May 2022, the ownership of the three CarePoint hospitals was contributed to a community-based non-profit called CarePoint Health Systems. 

Ensemble is a national healthcare revenue cycle services company. The experience of building these two companies — and seeing firsthand the misalignment between healthcare providers, insurance companies, and most importantly, consumers — ultimately inspired the founding of Clover Health.

With Flatiron Health, Vivek saw the opportunity to leverage technology to help align mission with business model. At Flatiron, he entered as an early investor, and advised on their strategy and business model, including leading the acquisition of its data platform, Altos. He subsequently sat on the board through its sale to Roche in 2018 and currently serves / has served on the boards of Cityblock Health, Clover Health, Doctor Evidence, Flatiron Health, Medically Home, and Thyme Care. 

Wormhole Capital

Wormhole Capital, the investment arm of Vivek’s family office, partners with special founders with the aptitude to build transformative, category-defining companies. While sector-agnostic, Wormhole focuses on a company’s lasting impact and invests at any stage from inception to growth rounds.

Vivek Garipalli’s education and charity work

Vivek Garipalli started his journey in business at the University of Emory, where he studied business administration with a focus on entrepreneurship. On top of his career, Vivek has supported several charities, including The Bowery Mission, a charity that tackles homelessness in New York. Most recently, ownership of CarePoint Health’s three hospitals was contributed to a community-based non-profit in May 2022.

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